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Coaching Programs Include the following: $1,000 pm $2,500 pm $3,500 pm $1,500 +% Profits

Map out issues affecting your business and develop an induction plan that is customised to suit your specific needs—a Top 100 Hit List.

Together we will develop a full business overview & strategic plan and condense it onto the front and back of an A4 page—a one page Strategic Plan.

Create an accurate cash flow and budget in association with your accountant (or ours).

Map out a SWOT analysis to see where the growth is for your business, and what might hold you back.

Free access to Business Owners Club workshops (subject to Covid restrictions)

Recruitment manual and templates supplies in PDF or MS Word.

We work with you to develop your Sustainable Comparative Advantage and then map out an effective marketing campaign.

Access and assistance in setting up Basecamp, Teamwork, Asana, MS Teams or other project management software to allocate and manage tasks and projects.

1 ½ -hour financial management meeting with The Business Doctor each month to measure the targets set the previous month and nominated accountant (at your cost), e.g. $150 per month.

Unlimited emails/phone/calls and meetings with The Business Doctor.


Review of targets each week via the GWR (Graphical Weekly Report) that links to your cash flow budget


Help with recruiting, rewarding and retaining your staff—assistance in running Performance Appraisals 3 times per year.


Database Marketing consultation - use your mailing list to increase repeat sales through segment marketing!


TBD will sit in on negotiations with staff or suppliers so that you get the best value.


Free acquisition and mergers advice and implementation support: from exploring options to negotiations, The Business Doctor will be hands-on and can help you double your business overnight.


Equity and or Profit Shares are individually negotiated and depend on the likelihood of success.





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