How We Work

We work with established business owners in businesses with annual revenues between $300,000 and $3 million across most sectors and industries. As a specialist business growth coach, we do not provide start-up or very early-stage business growth support.

We do this by working with you to build a customised growth plan suited to your business and circumstances. Through face-to-face engagements with Jeff Miles, we then turn that plan into action through practical activities that deliver your business's growth and development. We guide and support the activities. We ensure that the growth goals you set with us are achieved.

Step 1


Benchmark your business against the best performers in your specific industry.

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Step 2

SWOT Analysis and Strategic Plan

We guide you through a SWOT analysis to identify the areas of your business where we should focus. From this, we define a strategic plan for your business and to guide our coaching sessions.

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Step 3

Face to Face Coaching

Our structured sessions, as well as access to your coach via calls and emails any time of the day, will allow you to gain valuable business insights to get your numbers moving in the right direction.

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Step 4

It's all about the Money $$

As part of all our Coaching Programs, we create an accurate cashflow budget with an accountant. Along with the budget, we run your financial management meeting with you monthly to ensure we are on track.

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Next Steps

Ongoing Coaching for Success

Most of our clients see the most significant ROI from the coaching programs in months 18 to 24, where the results are solid, and your business can continue to grow and thrive.

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