April 9, 2013

About Jeff Miles

30 Years of Making Businesses Better

Jeff Miles, The Business Doctor, is a professional business coach based in Perth, West Australia. Jeff is known for his results! Just ask his clients. With 30 years of high-level experience in management, profitability, operations, mergers, acquisitions, marketing and business planning, he can find the solutions your business needs.

Jeff trains business owners how to stay focused and achieve their goals by giving them essential skills. He will help you to build a clear vision for the future, develop invaluable networking skills, master time management and reduce stress, improve operations and communications, and get the business you’ve always wanted.

In addition to addressing business issues and systems, Jeff takes into account your personal desires, needs and goals. This leads to professional growth and development that gives you the tools to make better and more informed decisions.

Why Jeff Miles?

24/7 Access: With the top two coaching packages, you’ll get 24/7 access to The Business Doctor. That means when you have a crisis at the office, need last-minute business advice or just need to someone to listen to you because your partner can’t take it anymore, he’ll be there.

  • Competitive Edge: They say if you don’t have a competitive edge, you shouldn’t compete. And it’s true – what would be the point? Jeff is an expert at pinpointing the competitive edge a company needs, to break out of the middle and get ahead of the pack.
  • Get the Best Behind You: A company is only as good as the people that make it up. You can have an amazing strategy, but without quality employees to execute it you’ll find yourself stuck. Jeff can help you to recruit and retain the best talent (AND sack the worst) till you get your dream team.
  • Let It Flow: There’s nothing worse than coming up short of funds. It’s not only inconvenient; it could mean the end of your business. Jeff will help you to manage your cash flow, so that you never find yourself short and always have what you need to keep your business moving ahead.
  • He’ll Make You Money: Of course, the big one! You will notice your business beginning to change and grow within a matter of months. As many clients have stated, business operations will improve, staff will grow, turnover will double, profits will boom.

Why Now?

Because you’re sick of being stuck in the middle and because there’s no better time than today to get the business you’ve always wanted.

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