July 7, 2017


Have you got questions about Business Consultation? Have a read below at our most asked questions

How much does business coaching cost?

Our Business Coaching Programs are designed to fit all budgets, accelerate your performance and improve your business’s bottom line results FAST! All programs offer great value, but the more you can afford to invest, the faster we can help.

We offer three Coaching Programs:

  • Starter ($1,000 per month; 2 hours with The Business Doctor)
  • Best Value ($2,500 per month; unlimited 24/7 access to The Business Doctor)
  • Business Boom ($4,000 per month; unlimited 24/7 access plus Mergers & Acquisitions)

Bonus or Profit Share can be negotiated separately outside of retainer.

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How much time do I get with my coach?

As much as you need. Most new clients need at least 5–8 contact hours per month in the early stages. There is also the online coaching as well, which is classed as homework and this can be as much as an additional 4–5 hours per month. This is included FREE for all clients on the program.

Our top two programs offer direct unlimited access to Jeff and a bespoke one-to-one strategy specifically aimed at increasing your business success quickly. With the top program, The Business Doctor is available for 3–4 days to attend either Trade Shows or Expos with some clients. There is no additional cost for him to attend except any relevant airfares or accommodation costs. Comments from clients who have exercised this option have been “this is a tough, life-changing couple of days”.

Is there a time commitment on my part?

Yes. You get out of it what you put in. I will push you to put your best into your business. That’s my role as a coach – to push you the extra mile you need to win!

How do I know if coaching works?

The easiest way is to ask our clients – successful business owners that now have more productive, more profitable businesses. Many have doubled their turnover, tripled their staff and saw more growth in the first few months with Jeff than in the years before they came on board.

Am I ready for business coaching?

If you have any one of the following …

  • 3 x employees or more
  • 3 x years or more in business
  • $300,000 in annual revenues or more

How long is the coaching program?

Coaching can last as long as a client likes. There are no contracts and clients pay only by the month, in advance. While clients are free to go at any time, there are many who have been on the program for as long as twelve years. They stay because they keep seeing results and wanting more, and they want the steadying hand of someone external who can see things a little more clearly.

What types of businesses do you work with?

All of them. I have experience working with clients in a range of industries, including automotive, law, real estate, banking & finance, publishing and more. Additionally, having worked in management consulting, banking, accounting and advertising, I have come across almost all of the issues that a business owner can face.