March 2016 Business Owners Club Registration is Live!

2016 is here, and as a business owner you are constantly evolving your knowledge and skills in order to stay competitive in your industry. Your competitors lack knowledge of Marketing and Differentiation and as a result can only use PRICE as their main weapon to get to your customers. They simply lower their prices. You can’t afford to lower yours (the race to the bottom is not one you want to win).

So, are you ready to surge ahead of your competitors this year and make 2016 your most profitable year yet?

If you are keen to Wipe the Floor with Your Competitors, if you’re sick and tired of having your competitors eating your lunch, then you’re invited to attend the first Business Owners Club workshop of the 2016:

How to Make Your Competitors Cry like a Baby for Its Rattle

The following important topics will be discussed:

  • How to counter the major business Interrupters of Outsourcing, Offshoring and Technology
  • How to compete using price and gain a bigger market share
  • Building a Competitive Brand so that you DON’T have to compete on Price
  • Presenting an easy to understand example of why you do NOT want to lower your price to build volume

This important workshop will be held on the following date:

Tue 1st Mar, 2016
(plus plenty of time for networking)
Westrans Boardroom
320 Welshpool Rd
Perth WA 6106

In addition to the workshop, you’ll be provided with useful templates and handouts you can use the very next day in your business, and have the opportunity to network with other business owners before and after the event.

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We encourage you to invite any business owners in your network that may benefit from this workshop.

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