Define Your Goals Now!

Why wait to make your resolutions of improvement on Jan 1? If you’re looking to improve your life, you need to take action and define your goals NOW. Only with in-depth self reflection and scrutiny can you begin to make improvements in your business and personal life. Please download and complete the worksheet below to discover what you really want, and as a template to begin implementing change in your life.

The Business Doctor – 50 Clarity Questions

Jeff Miles is a professional business coach based in Perth WA and Sydney NSW. Jeff is known for his results! Just ask his clients. With 30 years of high-level experience in management, profitability, operations, mergers, acquisitions, marketing and business planning, he can find the solutions your business needs.

Jeff trains business owners how to stay focused and achieve their goals by giving them essential skills. He will help you to build a clear vision for the future, develop invaluable networking skills, master time management and reduce stress, improve operations and communications, and get the business you’ve always wanted.

In addition to addressing business issues and systems, Jeff takes into account your personal desires, needs and goals. This leads to professional growth and development that gives you the tools to make better and more informed decisions.

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