Are You Solving Your Customers’ Problems or Adding to Them?

Customers are the core of your business, and their happiness determines whether you sink or swim. So, are you really helping them? This is an obvious question. But it’s one that many business owners are too busy or too scared to ask.

Knowing who your customers are, how you solve their problems and what their experience is with your business is crucial for sustainable business success. So, start the New Year with a new perspective – that of your customer. You’ll get some amazing insights to help take your business further in 2013!

What Are They Buying?
What you are selling and what customers are buying are often two different things. You may have heard the saying that a customer who buys a drill from you isn’t actually buying that drill; they’re buying a hole. That’s what they really need. Think about your business. What are they really buying?

Knowing the answer to this will help you to get inside your customers’ heads, know them better and, most importantly, sell to them better! By using words and phrases that resonate with their needs, you’ll see a big difference in your bottom line.

What Is Their Experience?
Now that a customer has chosen to do business with you, are they getting the best experience? Will it compel them to return and to recommend you to their friends and family? Many business owners will simply ask their customers for feedback. While this is a great first step, it probably won’t give you the insights that you want or need.

You need to think through the whole life cycle, from the ease of finding you online and browsing your website to purchasing your products and using them to replacing or disposing of them. To do this, many business owners will hire mystery shoppers or undertake the process themselves with this in mind.

Putting Your Customers First
These insights will allow you to make changes that ensure your customers are happy and your business will reap huge benefits from that. More people will choose your service, more will return, more will recommend you, and YOU will grow.

A business coach can help you to do this quickly and effectively. If you’re interested in learning more about what a business coach can do for you, call me at 0413 606 089 or book your FREE Business Coaching Session today! If you have any questions feel free to e-mail me at

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