May Business Owners Club Workshop Recap

Thanks to everyone who attended the May Business Owners Club workshop, Use Your Competitive Advantage to Wipe the Floor with Your Competition. You were provided with useful tactics that will help you dominate over your competition. As mentioned in the workshop please remember to allocate some time to actually use the handout Templates and work on your SCA and Customer Segmentation – I look forward to hearing about your results using these tools.

Of course, all plans can use fine tuning, so I would like to invite you to schedule a 1-on-1 session with me through the Workshop Wednesday initiative, which provides you a complimentary hour of coaching once per month. This time can be used to review your specific concerns as well as how to gain a stronger edge over your competitors! Call 0413 606 089 to book your spot!


Jeff Miles


I am a member of a Power Team that has just on 33 members and we meet weekly and last year we passed $2,500,000 of referrals to each other (yep, 2.5 mill or $75,000 each).  If you’d like to know more about this please give me a call and I’ll bring you along for a visit to show you how we do it.

File Downloads:

customer profiles
Customer Profiling MK12

Jeff Miles is a professional business coach based in Perth and Sydney. With 30 years of high-level experience in management, profitability, operations, mergers and acquisitions, marketing and business planning, he can find the solutions your business needs.

Jeff provides business owners with proven methods to stay focused and achieve their goals by giving them essential skills. He will help you to build a clear vision for the future, develop invaluable networking skills, master time management and reduce stress, improve operations and communications, and get the business you’ve always wanted.

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